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When it comes to any renovation it can be overwhelming. As most have heard both good and bad stories from friends and relavtives. Always keep in mind that no two renovations are the same but the planning process of your renovations is universal.


Here are some simple things to help start you on your way.


-Have an idea binder containing your thoughts on

    *designs you like

    *pictures from magazines and internet

    *notes on things you would like to change

    *samples of materials or coulours


-Assess your currnet home or business

    *write down what is working for you and what is not

    *identify major structual issues ( rottting, cracking)


-Your renovation list

    *identify all things you want to achieve

    *renovation needs, like needing a better flow in the kitchen etc.

    *renovation wants, more on the side of the look (modern, chic)

    *prioritise your list, what is more important when it comes down to the budget


-Your time frame

    *are you looking to have something done for a special event

    *determine a reasonable time frame

    *do you need to move during some of it


-Setting your budget

    *do your homework on the most cost effective way

    *rememebering to factor in the unexpected


-Talk to your family and friends

    *what worked for them and what didn't

    *if they like the materials they selected (flooring, counters)


Always remember in the end this is your renovation, you are the boss. If you are concerned on how things are turning out or how things are coming together, never hestitate to speak up and get clarity on whatever it is you have concerns with. Your contractor should and always will listen and hopefully put your mind at ease.  




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